Jessica Gabrielli


6:30 mins

Jessica Gabrielli

Artist, health and exercise coach

Jessica Gabrielli

Artist, health and exercise coach

February 2020

Jessica is an artist, movement practitioner, and exercise coach who focuses on the importance of holistic health. Through her varied interests and passions, Jess dreamed up the idea for her unique business Foldenmove.

Foldenmove is both a movement and an individual artistic journey. It involves a 3 hour workshop that uses a series of mindful practices to help you to reconnect with your body and to be playful with your creativity. Without thinking about the process too much, you complete a series of guided movement exercises including meditation and yoga, and finish with a unique piece of art – a true expression of your inner self!

There is a real sense of joy and surrender when taking part in this workshop. Your movement dictates the piece of art you are creating, and the final result is a complete surprise, with no room for doubt or self-judgement.

Jess is gaining the momentum to build a community and share Foldenmove with the world, she is now is offering workshops in Australia, Asia, and Europe.


6:30 mins
Jessica Gabrielli
Jessica Gabrielli doing yoga - jagiroha_movement

Foldenmove Full Sequence

What I do is a combination of body movements, mindfulness and art

Jess foldenmove splattering paintJess foldenmove splattering paintJess foldenmove folding mattJess handstandJess handstand scorpionJess yogaFoldenmove under glass shootingFoldenmove human in trainingFoldenmove soul map
Foldenmove paint

Robusty Notes

As humans, our bodies are built to move, and it is easy to forget this when you are working the 9-to-5 game. It is so tempting to crash on the couch as soon as you get home, after a busy week sitting at the desk. Been there! Our body contributes far more to our lives than just the physical attributes like strength and endurance. It’s health and wellbeing directly impacts our emotions, thoughts, and daily decision-making process.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say most people are familiar with yoga and even meditation, with programs popping everywhere promising inner peace and a better connection between your body and soul. So what makes Foldenmove different?

For some context, we initially met Jess when taking some gymnastics classes (attempt to get bendy as an adult is hard work, but totally possible)! From this, we knew Jess also offered her own unique program called Foldenmove. Without knowing much about the course but, intrigued to learn more from someone who demonstrated a strong sense of body control, and was wise beyond her years, we boldly signed up to Foldenmove to give it a go.

What Jess offers goes well beyond standard downward dog and warrior poses. The fun, lively and playful tone of the class really sets it apart. From the enjoyable group work, to the Jackson Pollock-style painting and the sensation of paint squelching between your toes as you move through the yoga poses, you’re in for a treat.

On completion of the workshop, we felt a rewarding sense of calmness, and had an inkling that we may have indeed reached our inner-selves (if only for a little while). As a complete bonus, you’re left with a unique piece of art, generated through the movement of your body. Wrapping the course up by midday, you can head off to Saturday lunch feeling like you’ve accomplished something pretty cool, hello productive weekend.

Jessica Gabrielli portrait founder foldenmove

Photography by: Dom Krapski

Special thanks to:

  • 222 Rosslyn Gallery
  • The Tea Empress
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